Quantitative and Systems Pharmacology Workshop 09/25/2008 to 09/26/2008
NIH - Lister Hill Auditorium
Bethesda, Maryland
United States
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General Information

The Quantitative and Systems Pharmacology Workshop will provide state-of-the-art knowledge and perspective about topics at the interface of systems biology and pharmacology to a highly diverse spectrum of researchers in academia, industry, and government. The question of where systems biology, modeling, and more quantitative measurements can be applied to pharmacology and drug discovery/action now and in the foreseeable future will be addressed. Accordingly, the talks will emphasize both conceptual information and significant research findings concerning the topic. The topic will be approached from the standpoint of both a horizontal integration (various networks in various cell systems) and a vertical integration (connections between pathways at different levels of integration, tissues, organs, etc.).  Consideration of the current knowledge as well as future research needs in various areas will be made.  The workshop will feature discussion sessions based on the presentations throughout the two-day period.  Meeting goals include highlighting where the state-of-the-art resides in relevant disciplines today, fostering integration of research efforts in these areas with others, identifying barriers (problems merging two disciplines), increasing collaboration between pharmacologists, clinicians, and systems biologists, and establishing pressing and long-term research needs (training, instrumentation, algorithms, etc.) for advancement of the ability of systems biology to inform drug discovery and drug action.
Note:  a poster session will be offered as part of the workshop.  Those interested in presenting a poster should click on the 'poster session' tab for instructions - deadline extended until August 15.