The Biology of Glycosaminoglycans in Health & Disease



Session I. Glycosaminoglycans: Analysis & Function(s) in Normal & Disease Processes 
9:00 a.m., EDT 

Glycosaminoglycans-Derived Biomarkers to Support Newborn Screening and Diagnosis of Mucopolysaccharidoses 
Dr. Michael Gelb, Professor and Boris and Barbara L. Weinstein Endowed Chair in Chemistry, Adjunct Professor of Biochemistry, Department of  Chemistry, University of Washington 

A Capillary Electrophoresis – Tandem Mass Spectrometry Platform for the Automated Analysis of Glycosaminoglycans 
Dr. I. Jonathan Amster, Distinguished Research Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Georgia 

3-O-Sulfation of Heparan Sulfate Modulates Protein Binding and Lyase Degradation 
Dr. Geert-Jan Boons, Georgia Foundation Distinguished Professor in Biochemical Sciences, Department of Chemistry, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, The University of Georgia 

Chemical Tools to Discover New Functions for Heparan Sulfate Glycosaminoglycans in Ang/Tie Signaling and Vascular Development 
Dr. Linda Hsieh-Wilson, Arthur and Marian Hanisch Memorial Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, California Institute of technology 

Design of Glycosaminoglycan Oligosaccharides to Attenuate Sterile Inflammation 
Dr. Jian Liu, John & Deborah McNeill, Jr. Distinguished Professor, Division of Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry, University of North Carolina 

Sulfated Glycosaminoglycans Contribute to Clostridium difficile toxin A Binding and Entry into Cells 
Dr. Min Dong Associate Professor, Department of Urology, Boston Children’s Hospital & Department of Microbiology, Harvard Medical School 

Mechanisms of Proteoglycan Co-receptor Function: Lessons from Drosophila 
Dr. Hiroshi Nakato, Professor, Department of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development & Associate Director, Developmental Biology Center, University of Minnesota 

A Fluorescence-Based High-Throughput Platform for Glycotyping the Hematopoietic Cell Lineage 
Dr. Hannes Buelow, Professor, Department of Genetics, & Professor, Dominick P. Purpura Department of Neuroscience, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Inc. 


Session II., Glycosaminoglycans: Analysis & Function(s) in Normal & Disease Processes cont. 

Computational Virtual Library Screening for Discovery of Glycosaminoglycan Sequences that Selectively Recognize Target Proteins 
Dr. Umesh Desai, Professor & Chair, Department of Medicinal Chemistry, School of Pharmacy, Virginia Commonwealth University 

Core-specific Chain Sulfation 
Dr. Michael Simons, Professor Medicine and Cell Biology, Yale University 

The Heparanase/Syndecan-1 axis in Cancer Progression and Viral Pathogenesis 
Dr. Ralph D. Sanderson, Endowed Professor of Cancer Pathobiology, Director, Division of Molecular and Cellular Pathology, Department of Pathology, University of Alabama at Birmingham  

Regulation of Lung Repair by Hyaluronan 
Dr.  Paul W. Noble Professor and Chair, Department of Medicine; Director, Women’s Guild Lung Institute; Vera and Paul Guerin Family Distinguished Chair in Pulmonary Medicine; Physician-in-Chief, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 

Roles of FAM20B-Catalyzed Glycosaminoglycans in Tooth and Limb Development 
Dr. Xiaofang Wang, Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences, College of Dentistry, Texas A&M University 

Modulation of the CSPGs-PTPσ Pathway to Promote Neurorepair and Functional Recovery after CNS Injury 
Dr. Agnes Luo, Associate Professor of Molecular Genetics, University of Cincinnati 

Role of Sox9 in Adult Intervertebral Disc  - Matrix and Beyond 
Dr. Makarand V. Risbud, James J. Maguire Jr. Professor of Spine Research, Director, Division of Orthopedic Research, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University 

Session III., Round Table Discussion

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