New Tools for Finding Glycans in the PDB & Modeling 3D Structures of Glycans & GlycoProteins

1:30-3:30 p.m., EDT

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Session I., Finally, a New Approach to Annotating and Finding Carbohydrates in the PDB (45 minutes)

David Montgomery

Topics Covered:

  • a simple uniform representation for oligosaccharides in the PDB - translating chaos to order
  • when does a carbohydrate stop being a carbohydrate?
  • what to do with errors and uncertainties?
  • GlyFinder, an awesome new way to search the PDB for all structures glyco
  • live demo with audience participation
  • beyond point-and-click: tools for glyco informaticians


Session II.,  Easy Tools for Modeling 3D Carbohydrate Structures (30 minutes)

Dr. Lachele Foley

Topics Covered:

  • live demo with audience participation
  • do the models match the PDB structures?  Should they?
  • case study (Dr. Al French) demonstrating the GlyFinder tool and comparing to quantum mechanical data


Session III.,  How to generate scientifically meaningful (and beautiful) models of glycoproteins (45 minutes)     

Dr. Oliver Grant

Topics Covered:

  • a structural biologists conundrum - how to integrate glycomics data into 3D structures?
  • case study SARS CoV-2 Spike glycoprotein
  • science meets art (VMD images)
  • removing the tedium: really cool automated tools - coming soon
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