Quantitative and Systems Pharmacology Workshop II

09/09/2010 - 09/10/2010
Lister Hill Auditorium
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, Maryland
September 9-10, 2010
Thursday, September 9
Day 1
7:30 am    Poster Session Opens
8:15 am     Welcome and Introduction
                  Jeremy Berg, Director, NIGMS
                  Meeting Overview
                 Michael Rogers, NIGMS
Session I
Session Chair:  Richard Lalonde, Pfizer, Inc.
8:30 am    Perspective 1: “Applying Systems Biology Concepts
                  to Pharmacological Problems”
    Peter Sorger, Harvard Medical School
8:50 am    “A Chemical Lens on Pharmacological Networks”
    Brian Shoichet, University of California, San Francisco
         9:25 am     "Modeling of Aβ Dynamics in Animals and Humans" 
                            Julie Stone, Merck Research Labs  
         10:00 am   BREAK    
         10:30 am   “Mechanistic Modeling Approaches in Population PKPD”
                             Paul Jasper, RES Group Inc.
11:05 am   “Occupancy-driven Cell Signaling Model of CD20
                    Agonists to Predict Combination Chemotherapy
                   in Mice”
     Don Mager, University of Buffalo
11:40am   “Applying Engineering Principles to the Development
                   of Novel Cancer Therapies”
     Birgit Schoeberl, Merrimack Pharmaceuticals
12:15pm   LUNCH(on your own, campus cafeterias available)
                Poster Session Continues
Session II
Session Chair: David D’Argenio, University of Southern
1:15 pm   “Pharmacodynamics of Pacitaxel by Intravital Imaging in Mice”
     Tim Mitchison, Harvard Medical School
1:50 pm   “Application of Drug-Disease Models in the Development of
                  Anti-Diabetic Agents”
    Jenny Chien, Eli Lilly and Company
2:25 pm Lightning Talks
               (Five-minute, two-slide presentations from
               six selected poster presenters)
Aurel Cami, Children’s Hospital Boston
Matthew Riggs, Metrum Institute and Biogen Idec
Alison Harrill, North Carolina State University and
 University of  North Carolina
Oleg Demin, Institute for Systems Biology, Moscow
Cornelia Landersdorfer, Ordway Research Institute
Sharat Vayttaden, University of Texas Health          
Sciences Center
3:00 pm   BREAK
4:00 pm   “Transporter Systems in Drug Disposition and 
   Kathleen Giacomini, University of California, San
4:35 pm   Perspective 2
               “Modeling Applications in Drug Development”
   Richard Lalonde, Pfizer, Inc.
4:55pm    Panel Discussion: Training Needs, Opportunities and
   Richard Lalonde and Russ Altman, Moderators
Friday, September10
Day 2
Session III
Session Chair: Sandra Allerheiligen, Merck, Inc.
          8:10 am    Perspective 3: "Leveraging Quantitative and Systems
                             Pharmacology in Drug Development: Enabling
    Sandra RB Allerheiligen, Merck, Inc.
8:30 am    “Discovering Master Regulators of Human
                   Malignancies and their Chemical
                   Modulators via an Integrated Systems Biology    
   Andrea Califano, Columbia Medical School
          9:05 am    “Systems Pharmacology: Bridging PKPD
                            and Systems Biology in Drug Discovery" 
                           Piet Van der Graaf, Pfizer, Inc. 
9:40 am   BREAK
10:30 am “Screening and Rational Design Approaches for 
                  Developing Selective and Non-Selective Protein    
                  Kinase Inhibitors”
                 Nathanael Gray, Dana Farber/ Harvard University   
11:05 am “Cellular Heterogeneity in Models of Cancer and 
                  Metabolism: Which Differences Make a 
     Lani Wu, Southwestern Medical College
11:40 am “Quantitative Drug-Disease Trial Models: Vision
     Yaning Wang, Food and Drug Administration
12:15 pm  LUNCH (on your own, campus cafeterias 
1:00 pm   Poster Session Concludes
          Session IV
          Session Chair: Russ Altman, Stanford University
1:15 pm     “Human Interactomes in Physiology and Disease” 
     Marc Vidal, Dana Farber
1:50 pm    "Systems Pharmacology and Insulin Resistance"
                 Shankar Subramaniam, University of California, 
                 San Diego
2:25 pm     “Combining Networks of Genes, 
                  Small Molecules and Phenotypes
                  to Understand and Predict Drug Action”
                  Russ Altman, Stanford University
3:00 pm     Panel Discussion: Research Needs, Opportunities 
                   and Barriers
                 David D’Argenio and Peter Sorger, Moderators
3:30 pm    Closing remarks
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